We believe that in addition to technical expertise, strategic thinking skills are necessary to “see” beyond the technical detail to the end result of the project and the business value it will create. Planning and budgeting skills must be wrapped with effective communication styles that can adapt to a myriad of audiences. Our professionals ensure the A/E design and, ultimately, the constructed space meets or exceeds the IT design requirements. The dollars spent on communications equipment, cabling and support systems is a significant portion of the total project cost. Communications Project Management, Inc. strives to ensure that optimum value is received for the capital invested.

At CPM, our focus is to provide the right expertise at the right time throughout the project. CPM will work closely with the project team to ensure:

  • The overall design includes all aspects of the project requirements.
  • Complete and concise RFP’s are produced for vendor equipment and services.
  • All new, relocated and disconnected circuit orders are completed to meet the project schedule.
  • The constructed facility meets or exceeds the design intent.
  • The project is completed within budget and on-schedule.

CPM will:

  • Facilitate and manage weekly IT meetings with the client and all other IT Consultants.
  • Develop and maintain the IT project schedule.
  • Provide input for inclusion into the overall master schedule.
  • Develop a budgetary estimate for all aspects of the IT project.
  • Perform design review and provide value engineering recommendations.
  • Produce bid documentation, perform analysis of the responses and make recommendation for award.
  • Provide our cost control and reporting system.
  • Provide installation oversight and punch listing.
  • Witness testing, commissioning and start-up.

Our personnel bridge the gap between information technology planning and construction. We fill the voids in the project team to ensure that all issues are identified and addressed.